Of Our Rubber Creations

Taylor Wane

Fetish Model

"No doubt I LOVE the skin I'm in. However, if I am going to wear a second skin then there is no other I would rather wear than Bondinage. The next Best thing to SKIN." 

Peter W. Czernich

Marquis Magazine

Bondinage is one of the best known international fetish labels. Innovative design paired with immaculate quality have always stood out among the rest. Over the many years, we have had a pleasant cooperation, often resulting in spectacular images. Keep up the good work!

C. Mourthé

Fetish Photographer

The Alice session is one of the best of the 21st Century, It was so "avant-gardist ", so modern and will stay in memories of everybody in the fetish scene to become the mythic and classic ALICE IN FETISH LAND. You are part of our success, LOVE YOU
- Christophe Mourthé, Photogrpher

Sister Sinister

Fetish Model

'I love Bondinage for their ‘out of the box’ designs, and creative ideas. It’s always very sexy and powerful, but also colourful.  They also truly understand the curves of the female body and can enhance them in an impressive way. There is nothing boring or ordinary about their garments. Bondinage is for people with great taste that aren’t afraid to stand out. '

Ophelia Overdose

Fetish Model

'"One of the most amazing outfits I've ever got to wear was a Bondinage design! As an Alice in Wonderland addict he totally blew my mind with this dream in purple and white”'


Fetish Model

'I love Bondinage because I adore the wide selection of colours, the unique designs and the amazing quality of latex. Definitely a one in a million brand!'