begloss WIPE Perfect SHINE Polished double layered cloth for latex clothing in Medium Size


beGLOSS WIPE - Perfect SHINE polishing cloth for latex clothing. You will experience a whole new level of comfort and convenience – Your latex clothing will have an ultra-high gloss shine that’s dry to the touch. It's magic! This specially designed latex polishing cloth is double-layered with black and pink microfibre. Thanks to the exceptionally fine fibre structure of the beGLOSS WIPE, this clever latex polishing cloth immediately absorbs just the right amount of beGLOSS Perfect SHINE and leaves no lint or streaks as you create the ultimate wet look high gloss shine. This polishing process replaces cumbersome latex washes / latex baths completely - since your latex clothing is dry instantly. The best part is with the beGLOSS WIPE, you only need an incredibly small amount of latex polish. 

This beGLOSS WIPE cloth works with all our beGLOSS PERFECT SHINE products. The latex special polishing cloth with a weight of approx. 630 g / m². Special Features - Latex polishing cloth for a high gloss shine that’s dry to the touch. It's magic - Immediate results – A perfect mirror finish without the stickiness - Economical - With the beGLOSS WIPE and how it’s used, you only need an incredibly small amount of latex polish - Environmental – Our beGLOSS WIPE is reusable and washable with beGLOSS SPECIAL WASH LATEX - Helps to protect your latex clothing and other latex items from polish residue build up - Leaves an erotic high gloss shine without leaving unsightly streaks or lint - Creates a non-stick, anti-static finish - The cloth is super soft and handy, thereby avoiding surface damage to your latex clothing - The latex special polishing cloth has a weight of approx. 630 g / m² - 
Designed and handmade in Germany by latex lovers, for latex lovers Note on care - For best results, wash your beGLOSS WIPE with our beGLOSS SPECIAL WASH LATEX 
Size: Medium approx. 30 x 30 cm 
Composition: 100% polyester 
beGLOSS - Made in Germany

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